Hello, it's Vibe K, who wants to introduce wonderful Korean culture. Wow, who would've thought I'd write something like this one day.
During my student years, I didn't watch TV much and felt my daily life was fulfilling enough without wasting time on celebrities.  What else did I need? 

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Then I became a mother and devoted my time not just to my children but also to myself. Somewhere along the way, the unfulfilled fangirl in me started to emerge. Just as I thought it was passing, this time it seems to be sticking around longer—love at first sight (someone who falls in love quickly), they call it, but now it's no use. I've come too far.

These days, Byun Woo-seok, who is currently enjoying immense popularity with the drama "Seonjae Up Go Tui," appeared on the TV entertainment program "You Quiz." Videos of women spending their days with Ryu Seon-jae from "Seonjae Up Go Tui" were shown.
"There are many people like me!" I felt relieved and grateful at that moment. Is it that saying from the old folks, "Do everything others do and move on," that applies to me now? When will this love for Byun Woo-seok, whom I'm currently renewing as my favorite, lessen? There's no hint of it happening anytime soon.

Review of Taking Photos with Byun Woo-seok at Phototism
For those who've come to read this, I'm sure you're fans of the drama "Seonjae Up Go Tui," right?
Do I like Byun Woo-seok? Or do I like Ryu Seon-jae? I wonder... Even if you're hesitant about going, taking photos isn't difficult at all, so I encourage you to give it a try! When will you get another chance like this? Some may think, "It's not that easy, why do photos look like that?" But for me, it was the best I could do. While filming with my phone,
I managed to take pictures with Byun Woo-seok, so those who are only taking photos will surely do better than me. This phototism photo was my first since college sticker photos. Even if you think your clumsy, you can surely do better!


Sharing a pro tip  

Although it's not a golden tip, I'd like to suggest taking photos leisurely on weekdays. On weekends, queuing is basic, especially for Korean idols, so phototism always seems popular. I visited the Phototism in Samsandong, Ulsan.
It was relaxing and easy to take photos on weekdays.

Choosing a Photo First, click on the Byun Woo-seok photo on the right out of the three shown on the screen. Just clicking on this will already give you a 50% success rate for today's photo!
There's a choice of frames, and both the white and blue frames are beautiful. You can choose either; it doesn't matter. However, I heard from someone nearby that those who chose the white frame looked prettier. I went with the blue frame.
Then proceed as shown on the screen. Take each photo once in order, and then repeat the sequence for a second round, resulting in a total of 8 photos. Choose the better of the two shots for each pose, and it will fit nicely with the Byun Woo-seok photo. If you've selected a photo but don't like it, you can reselect it, but there's a limited time... It was a few hundred seconds, but... During that time, simply switch to the better of the two shots. I changed it several times, but I still had plenty of time. Just follow the instructions on the screen. Whether you're mechanically inclined... Or just pressing it, it doesn't matter at all!




Posing Like Byun Woo-seok Byun Woo-seok in a school uniform has four poses: 

✅️ First pose: Taking a photo under his hand
✅️ Second pose: Doing a V beside his face
✅️ Third pose: Making a heart shape with his cheeks
✅️ Fourth pose: Walking side by side with an umbrella
It might be easier if you think about which pose to take beforehand. Imagine a lovely pose and try it out freely!
The first pose, taking a photo under the palm, was harder than I thought. I also had to lower my height, and looking back, I regret not standing side by side as if holding hands. If only I could regret it now, it would be too late. After carefully choosing from the eight poses, I confidently pressed the printer button and two photos came out. Oh my, oh my... Whether the photos turned out well or not, being able to take them together like this is amazing and makes me feel so good!
The price for 8 cuts is 7,000 won. Originally it's 4,000 won, but for celebrities like idols, an additional 3,000 won is added.
Payment can be made with both card and cash. For those paying in cash, there's a 1,000 won cash exchange machine at the entrance of Phototism.


출처: Byun Woo-seok fencafe

The Byun Woo-seok phototism photos are available only until June 30th. There's still some time left, but if you want to create memories, it would be great to take them leisurely on weekdays. After experiencing this myself, I understand why students line up to take photos with their friends. Now, even when my daughter asks for a photo, I find it hard to say no to taking more. Sometimes, it feels like it could be a vitamin of happiness~ Enjoy taking photos with Byun Woo-seok at phototism! For those who want to feel like "Seonjae Up Go Tui," what are you waiting for? Let's capture the moment!


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